Sunday 27 November 2011

More Puzzling Gully Wildlife


Yesterday My Aunty and I did a bit of bird watching together.  We managed to find and identify quite a few birds.  I haven’t had time so much just to stand around and watch birds and take photos lately so it was good to go out and find these interesting birds. 


This is obviously not a bird. It is a shot i got a few weeks ago when it was really hot.  Its a red necked wallaby hiding in the shade of the peppercorn trees, right next to our house.


A white faced heron down at our dam, these guys are at the dam all the time, eating yabbies i think.


An Australasian grebe.  A very little water bird that spend a lot of time under water.  They are tiny, about a 3rd of the size of a mallard duck.


This is a Striped Honeyeater


This is a gecko that eats all the bugs on our veranda at night


The superb wren male, looking good on the fence.


A newly identified star.  This is a golden headed cisticola.  An unusual name for a happy singing little bird.


A female common Koel.


Another new bird we saw is this broad billed flycatcher.




This is actually a very striking green bird, a Green Oriole.  This is not the right angle but you can see some green.  He would only sit against the bright white of the sky so it was hard to get the colour and exposure right.


A black faced cuckoo shrike, quite common.


A willy wagtail nest we found while looking in the peppercorn trees.


This one is a little friar bird.  I have only ever seen noisy friar birds before.


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